HITLINE Slackline Kit - Blue

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Balance & Core Strength Training

Slacklining is an excellent warm up before a WOD or workout, helping to improve balance, core strength, coordination and fine muscle control.

  • Balance Training: Learning to walk on a slackline involves learning to quiet the involuntary muscle movements that cause the line to vibrate, which is similar to learning to stop shaking when supporting yourself on rings.
  • Indoor Setup: Want to set this up indoors in a gym? Pair with Slackabout Slackline Stands.
  • Thick dynamic webbing: The "webbing," or slackline material, of the HITLINE is a forgiving, all-around choice for standing, walking, and exercise. 
  • Low mounting: Designed for a low mounting height (18 inches), which makes it easier to get on and off the line. 
  • Quick set up & take down: Two-piece slackline kit is easily installed between fixed anchor points in the gym (rigs, wallmounts, wall anchors or posts) or outside on trees.
  • Fully adjustable: easy-to-use ratchet allows you to efficiently put tension on the line.
  • Safety lock feature included on slackline ratchet for secure use.

    Product Specs

    Product Specs

    • Length: 50ft length (15m)
    • Line width: 2" (50mm)
    • Ratchet side length: 6.5 ft. (2 m)
    • Weight (line and ratchets): 6 lbs
    • Line includes reinforced loop slings for durability and safety
    • Maximum tension: 4 tons 
    • Max weight load: 300 lbs
    • TUV-certified product


    • 2x Treeguards: Treeguards protect both the tree trunks and your line from wear and tear. Also many cities and parks departments now require the guards to protect the trees from damage. 
    • Carrying Bag: Handy carrying bag for storing your slackline and gear.


    The orange topline is useful as a guide as you are learning to slackline. Mount the helpline 5ft to 6ft above your slackline and use as a balance aid.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you use this for shorter distances as well as at the full length?
    Yes, you can use the this for distances shorter than 50ft! It can be set up as short as you'd like. Shorter distances are more stable and better for learning because the line is tighter and has less slack.

    What's the best size tree to use this with?
    The best size is a tree with 12" diameter. If the tree moves when the line is pulled tight, it is probably too small .

    What is the weight limit of this slackline?
    It can handle a tension of 4 tons. With that type of tension strength, you could park a car on the line... We've had several adults on at the same time with no issues.

    Would it be possible to set up two strong posts and leave the slackline so that it's semi-permanently installed?
    Yes, but the posts would have to be very well installed & stable. Look on YouTube for instructions on what installed posts would need to be to support your slackline.