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Product notes:   premium fitness rope
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The Bullet FIT Rope* features a near frictionless spin and an innovative head design that makes resizing or cord replacement extremely quick and easy. 
*patent pending

  • No screwdriver or allen wrench required. Replace or resize cables by loosening the chuck at the head of the rope with your fingers.
  • No more cutting excess cable. The handles can hold up to 5" of excess rope each, giving you 10" of additional cable/cord length to play with (for 3/32" cable and smaller). No more worry about cutting your cable too short. This also allows multiple jumpers of different heights to use the same rope and quickly resize for their needs.
  • Lightning quick spin: Dual steel ball bearings in the handle make this one of the smoothest, fastest ropes in the world.
  • Accepts multiple cables and cords:  Fits the thinnest speed cables all the way up to 1/8" freestyle cables.
  • Choose your jump angle: The handles allow you to insert your cable at a 90 degree or 180 degree angle. 90 degrees is best for pure speed. 180 degrees is better for fitness and freestyle routines that include crossing movements.

Handles: 6.6" long / anodized aluminum / slip-protect knurl grip

Weight:  2.5oz (each handle)

Durability: High-grade steel ball bearings won't rust or wear out

Accessories included:

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v lebasi


Two things. First, when I received it there was an issue not so much with the rope, but with what I was trying to do. I contacted support & received a quick response. Within 48 hours the problem was solved. Excellent and responsive service. Second, I have over 10 years of using ropes (primarily BL) for training. So, I have waited a couple of months since purchasing this rope before posting this review to get a real sense of the rope. I don't give praise very easily or often, but this is an excellent high quality rope. Highly recommended.

Lacey S.
United States

No upgrades from here

This rope is fast. I recommend it if you can get a consistent 10-15 because once you keep practicing with it, there’s no need to upgrade your rope. The weight and speed is perfect to excel in your DU. The only downfall is to check the handle every now and again to make sure the grip is tight on the rope, over time it losens and the rope can come out


Best for people wanting to go fast

If you are just getting into jump rope, this rope is probably too much for you. This set is meant for those that are already experienced in jump roping. The bearings help spin the handles well past 90 seconds without interference. The rope is strong and wont break unless cut with a tool. I would recommend this rope for those that want to go faster and get a more extreme workout. If your beginning, then look for another rope that is heavier.

Joseph H.

Easy to use, fair grip, great spin

I'm very pleased with my bullet rope so far. The chuck is easy to use when changing ropes or adjusting lengths (which is nice as a relative newcomer to speed ropes). The grip seems pretty reasonable on the handles, nothing too grippy or aggressive, but probably fine for most people and most workouts. The bearings seem to spin VERY well, so I'm super pleased with that. Overall I think these feel like a pretty good value, especially given the adjustability.

Ariel J.

Bullet is amazing

This is the best jump rope I have bought so far. Super smooth bearings and great grip handle. Definitely recommend.