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Product notes:   For setting up a slackline without trees


These Slackabout allows you to set up your slackline anywhere. No trees? No problem. With the Slackabout kit you can set up a slackline in any grass field, backyard or urban area.

Kit Includes

  • Two solid wood a-frame stands (made in USA)
  • Two 30" ground augers (to anchor the line)
  • slackline purchased separately

Fully Portable & Easy Setup: Very easy to setup, take down and store. A little muscle is needed to put the augers into the ground if you're setting up in hard soil.

Perfect Height for Beginners: The Slackabout stands position the slackline about 2 feet (23.5 inches) off the ground... an easy height for getting on and off the line.

How it Works: The Slackabouts work best with low ground anchor points. In urban areas this could be lamp posts, sewer grates, etc. Really any "solid" point that can hold the line. You can also set up in grassy areas using the included ground augers (see instructional video / instructions also included).


  • Total weight of a-frames and augers: 12lbs
  • Standing height of a-frames set up: 23.5"

Q: Is there a weight limit? 
A: The weight the system will support depends on the solidity of the anchoring endpoints. The maximum recommended weight for our slacklines is 300lbs. The Slackabout stands themselves can also support that much weight. The ground anchors, however, can only hold so much weight before they pull out of the ground. The amount of weight they can hold depends on a couple of key factors: (1) how far apart you've spaced the Slackabout stands; (2) the angle at which you've drilled in the augers; and (3) the type of soil of the ground. In general, our recommendations to ensure the augers don't pull out are:

  1. Space the stands 25ft apart for adults, and 30 - 35ft apart for children.
  2. Angle in the augers at 45-degrees toward the stands when putting them in the ground (vs going straight down).

Q: What are good anchor points to use in a gym
We favor solid metal weight racks that are bolted into the ground.

Q: What's the most efficient way to drill the augers into the ground? 
Use a piece of rebar or a tire iron to twist the auger into the ground (don't use a golf club... you'll break it). Depending on how soft the soil is, expect a good 5 minutes of hard work.

Setup Instructions

Setup Instructions (in grass using ground anchors)

  1. Screw in ground anchors straight down 6” and then tilt the eye near a 45-degree angle toward the a-frame. Screw the rest the way down into the ground until the eye of the auger is just above the surface of the ground. Space the anchors no more than 40ft apart.
  2. Slide the ends of the the slackline through the eyelets of each ground anchor.
  3. Ratchet the slackline down until there is just a little bit of slack in the line.
  4. Place the a-frames under the line about 5ft from each anchor point. Raise up the a-frames so that the pressure of the line keeps them in place. If you can't raise them up, the line is too tight.
  5. Tighten down ratchet to desired tension.  Tension should be enough to keep the feet of the slackline walker off the ground in the middle.

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Pat M.

travel with Slackabout

installed in the backyard. sprayed paint around the anchors for mowing over them. the whole unit can be set up faster than if we had trees.

Alice Leckie

Great Quality & Design

I bought a set recently after realizing that the trees in our yard are not good for supporting a slackline. It was a bit of work to get the augers in but with the use of a small piece of rebar it was done in not too much time. The a-frames are brilliantly simple to set up and a great height for even our 4 year-olds. We have left it up in the yard because the kids use it nearly every day. It seems to be holding up well to the sprinklers (though I am not sure it is recommended). We are very please with the quality, ease of set-up and sturdiness.

Bill F.

Backyard slackline

Well packaged and in perfect condition. I was able to set it up in the back yard for our 4th. of July barbecue. Real easy and fun. ******** the anchors in is a job. But after that the fun begins. Glad I purchased it..

Jordan L.


I've found these stands incredibly useful. We don't have trees big enough to hold the slackline in our front yard so we use these instead. I put one of the ground anchors in my front yard (I just leave it there and mow around it...) and I connect the other end to the base of one of the little trees (right at the bottom). I've found the a-frames to be a perfect height for me just learning ... it's easy for me to step on an off the line (I'm a 35 y/o, reasonably athletic dad). I have two young sons that also enjoy playing on it, although they can't walk on it yet without holding my hand. My little one mostly just likes bouncing on it like a trampoline with me holding his hands. I've also set these up all over the place in my back yard using a combination of trees, fence posts, ground anchors and even a boat trailer. Very simple to use. Drilling in the ground anchors takes a little time and muscle, especially if you have rocky soil like I do.