About Us

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Company Background

We're based in Wenatchee, WA, a cool little mountain town at the base of the Cascade mountains. Our products can be found in gyms and fitness centers around the world. We don't have a grand mission or vision statement (yet), but we're generally defined as a group of people who enjoy the outdoors, love staying active and being fit, and aspire to "love our neighbors as ourselves". This plays out in our company and products as follows:

  • We sell products that help people live active lifestyles.
  • We sell products that can be used anywhere (indoors or outdoors), and are easy to transport and set up.
  • We care that our customers are getting great value from our products. That means developing products that are "well made" and will last, and treating our customers fairly by offering a great returns policy and customer service.
  • We actually use all the products we sell.

    How We Started

    We were founded in 1999 by Matt Hopkins, a world champion speed jumper and jump rope coach. Matt figured out a way to make jump ropes incredibly fast by using cables, instead of leather or PVC material, for the rope, and then attaching the rope to the handles at a 90-degree angle. Yes, we invented the original speed cable jump rope, which is now the standard for CrossFit and double unders (and has incidentally been copied about a thousand time; we've learned a lot about patents since then...).

    He started selling the rope to jump rope teams, and discovered a big market for these "new" speed jump ropes. Matt has since improved upon that original design many times over, and has invented products like the Elite Surge, which is considered the top speed rope by gyms and competitors around the world.