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Product notes:   Fastest Speed Rope
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The Bullet Comp Rope* is a premium speed rope featuring a near frictionless spin and an innovative head design that makes resizing or cord replacement extremely quick and easy.
*patent pending

  • No screwdriver or allen wrench required. Replace or resize cables by loosening the chuck at the head of the rope with your fingers.
  • Lightning quick spin: Dual steel ball bearings in the handle make this one of the smoothest, fastest ropes on the market.

Handles: 5.5" (14cm) long / anodized aluminum / slip-protect knurl grip

Weight:  1.6oz (each handle)

Durability: High-grade steel ball bearings won't rust or wear out 

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Gredloc B.

I love this rope!

I personally did 10x50 reps today, and a buddy of mine did about 500reps with it. Pros: 1. Its really fast and smooth. No kinks in the bearing. No sticking. It will go as fast as you can whip it! Love that. 2. The rope adjustment is the best I've ever used. I've used 5 different speed ropes from Rx, Rogue, and other brands. This is the fastest and most convenient I've ever used! This is huge when getting used to a rope, and for beginners to tweak the length as they're learning. 3. The rope adjustment is very strong. I was worried it would slip and mess up. It wasn't until after 800+ reps. It finally slipped. But, I intentionally didn't crank down the tightness or re-tighten after a set. This was just to see how long it took. I was shocked! It locks in the rope really well, and didn't budge for a long time. If I wasn't testing it I would lock it down and I don't expect it would ever move. 4. The texture and shape of the handle was great. Usually I wear wrist wraps to prevent my hands from getting slippery, but I didn't use them just to test out the rope. It was a ****** 95 degrees this afternoon and my hands were soaked at the end of the session. The texture grabbed my hand and slight width at the end of the handle sat well in my palm. It allowed me to get good whip out of the handle without worrying about it flying out of my hand. 5. The rope weight was just right to feel it. I would imagine a thicker option for training and a lighter version for competition would help. But for me the rope you provided was perfect. Not too heavy, but not too light. 6. The bag was strong and big enough to hold the rope without kinking it. Nice to see you provide a solid **** and not just a plastic throw away ziplock. Cons: The handles had a good solid weight, but after a couple sets my forearms felt it. The weight helped me hold the handles better, but it was pretty heavy compared to my other ropes, and I felt the burn pretty quick. I will have to test it more to see if the weight is an advantage or not.