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Bullet FIT Rope - Wholesale

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The Bullet FIT Rope* is a premium fitness rope featuring a near frictionless spin and an innovative head design that makes resizing or cord replacement extremely quick and easy. Use the 3/32" speed cable to fly through double unders. Switch to the Thick-2-Thin cable for fitness warmups or freestyle routines.

*patent pending*

  • No screwdriver or allen wrench required. Replace or resize cables by loosening the chuck at the head of the rope with your fingers.
  • No more cutting excess cable. The handles can hold up to 5" of excess rope each, giving you 10" of additional cable/cord length to play with (for 3/32" cable and smaller). No more worry about cutting your cable too short. This also allows multiple jumpers of different heights to use the same rope and quickly resize for their needs.
  • Lightning quick spin: Dual steel ball bearings in the handle make this one of the smoothest, fastest ropes in the world.
  • Accepts multiple cables and cords: Easily fits the thinnest speed cables all the way up to thick 4mm PVC cord (thicker cables won't go all the way down into the handle, but will fit in the chuck and work just fine).

Handles: 6.3" (16cm) long / anodized aluminum / slip-protect knurl grip

Weight:  2.5oz (each handle)

Durability: High-grade steel ball bearings won't rust or wear out


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