Flex Freestyle Jump Rope

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Product notes:   Soft flexible freestyle handles for power moves
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This jump rope makes freestyle power moves just a little easier -- the handles are soft and much more forgiving to land on. Power tricks with traditional hard-plastic freestyle handles can leave bruises on your hands. These won't!

  • Handles:  6.6" long / 0.7oz weight (each handle) / 0.8" diameter at the end. Indestructible, flexible handles - lighter, softer and smaller than traditional hard-plastic handles. Smooth turning handles are made from special polypropylene that will bend and flex but never shatter.
  • Cord: 10ft white PVC cord (4mm)
  • Sizing: Features snap/lock system for easy length adjustment. Simply slide the adjustable end to the desired length and trim off the excess cord with some scissors. Resize for your purposes. 

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Robin L.


The handle feels great!! It's quick, doesn't tangle easily, the grip on the handle was easy on my hands.

Megan Reith

My jumpers are fighting over this rope now as they all enjoyed it so much!

My jumpers liked the narrower long handles that were flexible as well as how light the rope felt when they jumped. My jumpers agreed that they liked the handles when they did donkey kicks and push ups but over and over again they just said they liked the new handle design and the rope weight.

Jonathan H.

I really enjoyed this rope

What I like most about this rope is how well balanced and light the handles are. From a person that does a lot of releases in routines. This attribute is very important. Also the overall quality of the rope is fantastic.

Robert Bayardo

The concept behind a flexible handle is good in theory- I’m just not sure it’s quite there yet

I am genuinely confused if I like this rope. For 2 weeks straight now, I’ve uses it daily, adjusted how ever many times to get used to the handles-If anyone has ever tried the now discontinued “6.5 inch freestyle rope” from JumpNRope - it’s extremely similar to it in usability. HOWEVER- the twist here is that the handles are flexible. Which once your hands get warm- you almost have to flick twice as hard when doing triples/quadruples because the warmth of your hands has made the handle “flimsy” (or flexible, I suppose). The idea is good- and it does make performing frogs/ double under frogs/Somersaults slightly easier- but as anyone who performs power tricks- you can only do so much before you wear yourself out. What’s strange/ is when I switch to a more boxing style of skipping (speed crisscross/side swings/double under crisscross) I actually love that the rope is flexible because it requires more use of your core/arms and is responsive. I’d probably market this better as the boxer trainer- than a freestyle rope. I found doing rope releases with this rope about the same as with the normal 8inch handles- but I guess the cons outweigh the pros here. Perhaps coming out with a non flexible 6.5 inch freestyle rope would serve a better all around purpose.

Annika Reinhardt

Good for power tricks but a little too smooth for releases or multiple under

I really like the smoothness of the handles. The are really comfortable when you doing power tricks and it does not hurt landing on them. Especially landing in power tricks out of multiple unders is less painful. They are really good for power tricks but a little too smooth for releases or multiple unders because it is harder to get them on speed.