HIT 360° Speed Rope

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Product notes:   Includes bag & spare cable
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"All In One" Rope

An ideal rope for high intensity and interval workouts that mix speed and freestyle elements. Cable speed rope will go as fast as you want for double/triple unders. Swivel tip ball bearings enable freestyle elements like crossing moves. 6.125" aluminium handle with knurl grip that won't slip when you sweat.

Who should try this rope? Double under pros who want to mix crossing moves and other freestyle elements into their workouts. 


  • Speed: The dual ball bearing head and speed cable make it fast.
  • Freestyle: The 360° swivel tip head* and the thin 6.125" handles give it flexibility for freestyle workouts.
  • Handle durability: High-grade aluminium handle.
  • Easily adjustable:  Comes with 9.8ft long cable. Adjust using screw/collar system for your height. See our sizing guide.

*The 360° swivel dual ball bearing design of the handle head allows for 360-degree rotation, increasing its rotation power and gives you an extreme flexibility of movement (for integrating freestyle elements into your workout). 

Product Details
  • Handle Construction: High-grade 6.125-inch aluminium handles with dual ball bearing head and knurl grip that won't slip when you sweat. 1oz weight / .5" diameter (each handle)
  • 2x Cables: Includes two 2.4mm PVC coated speed cables. These aren't as durable as the 3/32" nylon-coated speed cable.
  • Carrying Bag: Includes jump rope carrying bag.
  • Spare Parts: Comes with 2x spare screw/collars and cable end covers.

Question: What are the grips made of?
Answer: Aluminium handles with cross-hatched knurl grips.

Question: How long is the rope? 
Answer: The length of the rope is 9.8ft (3 meters). Adjust down as needed and trim with cable cutters.